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Disclaimer: I'd much rather learn about you, your favorite things to do, what we have in common and how I can help you than talk about myself! You see, to get good at selling, you must get good at listening and asking. You get good at asking by developing a genuine curiosity to learn about the other person. But this is the "About Me" page, now isn't it! So here ya go (as told by me in 3rd person)...

From Age 5, Jennifer knew she would own a business, she just didn't know what kind.

Jennifer watched her parents work their butts off for years, and like many successful entrepreneurs, she watched them sacrifice life events to build their business. She thought that working all.the.time was the only way to reach success.

She followed their footsteps, working 10-15 hour days, hiring and training a 10-person sales team across the country. Working 60-80 hour weeks, she was climbing the corporate ladder rising to one of the top sales leaders in the company and learning irreplaceable entrepreneurial skills. But, the long hours, corporate politics, and too many missed life events, caused Jennifer to break physically and mentally, and it was just the break she needed. She had always wanted to create her own business and this was the time (and the sign #thankyouuniverse).

In 2013, Jennifer left corporate America to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream.

She built a 6-figure coaching business in a matter of months and then became a speaker, helping sales teams from coast-to-coast make more sales.

After starting and building a successful business, and running her husband's business, Jennifer realized that she had built the exact work-your-butt-off 24/7, model twice. And she decided she was done living to work, but would finally build a business by working to live. Know what I mean?

She asked this question...

"Can't business (And Making Money) Just be easy?" And then made it her mission to figure out how.

Through this she created her signature program: Affluence on Autopilot, helping female entrepreneurs create generational wealth in their business and life. After selling millions of dollars throughout her 15+ years career in sales, she figured out exactly what it takes to grow your business from "just barely surviving" to thriving.

Jennifer instinctively knew that by creating breakthrough business success, the result would be the creation of the time and the financial freedom every entrepreneur hopes for. She is on a serious mission to help entrepreneurs build a business that supports their dreams, rather than building their lives around their business

Repeat After Me: #Affluenceonautopilot

Jennifer co-hosts the Sell or Die podcast with her husband Jeffrey, and hosts her own, Breakthrough Babe. She has written a best-selling book entitled Sales in a New York Minute that contains 212 pages of real-world, easy to implement sales strategies.

When she's not coaching entrepreneurs, podcasting, or running her business, you'll find Jen enjoying the waves at the beach, planning her next Paris trip, taking a yoga class, playing tennis, meditating, manifesting or hanging out with her amazing step-daughter and husband, Cavalier King Charles fur babies, and family.

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