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This is an application to the Sage Your Soul Retreat in Sedona Sept 8-11 2022.

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Tell me about your business journey - what got you here?

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List past results you're most proud of.

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What are your business and personal goals over the next 12 months?

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What gets in the way of achieving those goals? (ex. time, finances, limiting beliefs, etc)

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What are you hoping to get out of the retreat?

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What value can you bring to the group?

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Why should you be considered over all the other applicants?

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Are you ready to invest in yourself knowing that this will help you accelerate your growth and create financial freedom?


I will continue to figure this out on my own.


I will do whatever it takes to join. I would love to learn about a payment plan that will make this possible for me.


I am a HELL YES, and I am ALL IN!

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