3 Things You Can Do Every Single Day To Generate More Money In Your Business

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While I may not know you personally, if I had to guess, just by the mere virtue of you being here, I’m going to say that you likely have some pretty hefty business goals that you want to achieve this year. 

And in order to crush those goals, you're going to need to do what's known as income producing, or revenue generating, activities in your business - not just once, not just every few months, but daily

In today’s new post, I’m giving you some of my favorite ways to produce revenue that are not only easy, but they’re also FUN. 

Read to discover how you can generate more money - consistently AND reliably - in your business in 2023. 


I love what I do, but I hate the sales part…


Most service-based entrepreneurs and other small business owners usually get into their line of work because they love doing what they do. I once worked with a baker in New York City who absolutely loved to bake her cakes. But when it came to actually selling them? It was definitely NOT her favorite thing. Does that feel familiar to you?

I hear this a lot. But here’s the thing: In order to be a successful business owner, and in order to reach your goals, you're going to have to make sales. That’s just how business works. 

This is actually how I see it: You GET to make sales. I don't look at sales and selling as something that feels icky or uncomfortable; I look at it as something that could actually be fun. That is, if you let it be fun. 

Generating revenue is a daily activity


Before I share with you some of my favorite revenue generating activities, you’re probably wondering how much time you will need to dedicate to this. 

Fostering consistent revenue in your business isn’t a weekly, monthly, or whenever-I-feel-like-it kind of thing. It needs to happen every single day. 

The biggest trap that many entrepreneurs get themselves into is they attain a bunch of clients and then spend all of their time serving, serving, serving. Then, all of a sudden, those contracts or services end up expiring or wrapping up, and they find themselves suddenly back at square one. They’ve got to start all over again to fill up their client roster. And this isn’t something that happens magically; there’s a ramp up period to cultivating a new audience and warming them up to the idea that they need what you’re selling. 

This is exactly why I teach my clients to make time for income-producing activities every day - so they never find themselves back at square one. 

Here are 3 things you can do every single day to generate revenue in your business


1.Talk to your audience every single day.

Take steps each day to build the top of your funnel by creating engagement. You want to be at the front of people’s minds. You can maintain a warm audience that is receptive to you by providing value where they hang out. 

2. Make your offers known and easy to buy.

Talk about your offers. People cannot buy from you if they aren’t clear on what you’re selling. Create irresistible offers, put them out there in a way that is easy to understand & access, then make it simple for people to purchase. Don’t make people jump through hoops - that’s the quickest way to lose leads. 

3. Cultivate referrals from your existing client base. 

Your current clients are the path to more people like them. When someone says good stuff about your work, other people take notice and want to know more. I built most of my business through referrals. Make a list of the people you're currently working with, check out their connections online, and set-up a simple affiliate-based or referral-based system that rewards them for sending people your way.


Final Notes


It’s easy to make all of the above incredibly complicated. My challenge to you is to instead find ways that you can incorporate the above activities in the simplest way possible. Take these things, write them down, and figure out how you're going to implement them in your business. 

I encourage you not to procrastinate on them. There's no point in getting to the end of the year and saying, I wish I would have done X Y, Z. Now is the time to do X, Y, Z. So take action. Take action because doers make dollars, and movers make money. So move. 

Extra Resources 

If you want help setting up a system to generate more income in your business in 2023, I recommend that you  hire a coach. I have one spot available this quarter - just one and if that's something you're interested in, let me know.

You can also go to jengitomer.com/whysf to join the success frequency membership.

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