Are You Creating Freedom in Your Business… or Blocking It

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As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to design the type of business that you want. And yet, I see so many entrepreneurs who end up becoming their own worst boss. They feel trapped, burnt out, and decidedly un-free. 

If your business isn’t giving you the freedom you desired when you started it, it’s time to reassess. 

In today’s post, I’m sharing some #RealTalk about the ways you may be unintentionally blocking your own freedom in your business and what you can do about it. 

Read on for a perspective shift that will translate into major freedom-building moves for your future. 

Have you ever felt trapped by your work?

I distinctly remember how I felt back when I was working at a nine to five job. It was my last year of working there and I absolutely hated what I was doing, each and every day. I felt trapped and so unfree. But because it was creating money for me, it made me feel like I couldn’t leave. 

Oftentimes, jobs provide us with a sense of security that can be hard to turn away from. It takes strength to restart and regroup to choose a better, happier path. When I finally decided to leave my job in 2013, I was walking away from a lot. But the main thing I was walking towards was freedom. 

I was determined to create a life of freedom for myself, one where I got to call the shots. This is a common desire amongst us entrepreneurs - we seek a business that provides for us financially yet also allows us to feel truly free to do as we please.  

Though in seeking freedom, many entrepreneurs end up blocking their freedom. 

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to design the type of a business that you want. You have the freedom to decide which tasks in your business you're going to do (or not do), who you're going to hire (or not hire), and which clients you're going to take on (or not take on). You have so much freaking freedom. 

So why do so many entrepreneurs end up feeling so unfree? Here are a couple of common reasons why:

They make choices based on needing money to pay the bills. If you start your business and immediately need it to cover all of your income and expenses, you’re not setting your business up on a foundation of freedom. That’s too much pressure on your business. Can you hold onto a side gig as you get rolling? Taking the intensity out of needing all of your money to come from your business allows you to make more strategic decisions that lead to greater freedom in the future. 

They say yes to things they should be saying no to. Some entrepreneurs sell their services just because they can, without truly determining first if it’s a good fit. When you create sales just for the money, you have no freedom. Even if you know you can impact and help the other person, if it's just for the money, you're on the wrong path. I have a personal policy that I only work with people I like. I don’t lock myself into working with people who I can tell are going to drain me. I’ve learned it’s never worth the money in the end - they end up taking more of my time + energy that could better be served elsewhere.

They get stuck in a cycle of overworking themselves. Many entrepreneurs leave a nine to five only to suck themselves into working a seven to eleven (or worse). This is absolutely a cycle. The more you take on without first assessing whether it serves your larger goals of freedom, the more you end up digging your hole deeper.


Freedom is a choice. 

Whenever we feel stuck, the hard truth is - we’re not. There are so many other alternatives available to us, especially as entrepreneurs. The problems arise when we forget to choose. 

I understand - when you’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to see beyond your current situation. I felt that way back in my old job. This is where coaches can be an amazing help to assist you in seeing the situation from a wider perspective. I’ve appreciated big picture guidance from coaches myself, and it’s something I do a lot for my own clients. 

If you're always making excuses for why you don't have freedom in your business, you will never have freedom in your business. Nothing will change when… you have enough money, you have the right employees, the kids go to college, you lose weight, and on and on. 


Real freedom starts at the foundation - it starts with you. 

Freedom lives within you. Freedom is a choice. And it's something that you get to decide again and again in your day to day business operations. 

So if you’re not experiencing the entrepreneurial freedom you desire, it’s time to look under the hood. Where is your freedom lacking? Do you feel like you deserve freedom? First and foremost, you need to recognize that you are worthy of independence and freedom. 

So much of freedom is your mindset. Consistently practicing grounding techniques and breath work will help you release the anxiety and fears so you can create the stability you need to embrace freedom.

From there, look at your business holistically and assess all of the different areas to determine where it’s creating freedom for you that you enjoy, and where it’s not. What changes do you need to make to feel more free? What does freedom look like for you?

If you want my help creating more freedom in your business, you know where to find me. I'm @jengitomer on Instagram - just shoot me a DM, and I'll holler at you.

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