Avoid This One Thing that Could Prevent you from Achieving your Goals in 2023

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Have you ever tried to drive around on a flat tire? It’s a pretty useless endeavor that requires a whole lot of effort for very little progress. 

 It’s no way to drive, nor is it any way to start a new year. Literally, or metaphorically. 

In today’s new post, I want you to pull over, take a pause, and do an energy check with me before you launch too far into 2023. I’m going to ensure you’re not being dragged down by heavy energy carried over from 2022 that could prevent you from hitting your goals at full speed. 

 Read on to learn how your outcomes are directly impacted by the energy & frequency that you bring to whatever it is you're trying to achieve, and how you can take more effective action from a high vibe state.  


When a year-end review leads to a shame spiral…


I have to share something with you. As you know, New Year's was this past weekend. And over the weekend, I did what I normally do, which is I started to write out my accomplishments to end the year, really thinking through and honoring what I’ve achieved. As I wrote that list, which was long and mighty, I also got really hard on myself about what I didn't achieve. 

Have you ever done this? You set a goal at the beginning of the year, and then by the end, when it didn't come to fruition, you get down on yourself and that leads to a shame spiral. The thoughts in your head fall down the rabbit hole into a very negative space. 

That’s where I found myself. And the thing is, I actually did really well last year. In fact, 2022 was my best year in business yet. But instead of focusing on all the amazing things that I did achieve and all of the incredible achievements I helped my clients attain, all I was focused on was the fact that I didn't hit this uber crazy, pie in the sky goal that I had set for myself the year before.

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