The 3 Types of People You Need to Meet to Grow your Business

The 3 Types of People You Need to Meet to Grow your Business

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I am a big believer in the power of connections. Trust me on this: Your network can take you far higher than you can ever reach on your own.

But how do I get the right network that will actually help my business grow, you ask? The key is to create a targeted system where you're pulling out the right people from the groups you’re in to maximize your connections.

If you want to grow your business with ease and simplicity, then there are three types of people that you need to meet and connect with. Allow me to introduce you to them, share some ideas for you on where to find them, and guide you in what to do once you’ve made the connections.


Type 1: Someone You Can Help

This first type is someone who you can sell your services to. This type of person is your ideal client, someone whose life you can literally change with your help.

This isn’t about selling - selling is about you. Helping, on the other hand, is about them, and that’s how you’re going to approach this person: with a genuine desire to help solve their problems. It doesn't matter what your area of expertise is. I don't care if you're selling clothing, or marketing services, or you create websites, or you teach people how to get fit. Every single person who has a product or service that needs to make sales also needs to meet people that they can uniquely help. It's really that simple.

Some of these types of people that you’ll meet may be ready to purchase your services. Others may just need some free help to start in the form of guidance or assistance perhaps through your posts or live videos, etc. (Don’t worry - I’m not telling you to give away free coaching or products!) Do keep in mind that these types of freebies DO serve the purpose of warming these people up to eventually buy from you, if you make your help count!


Type 2: Someone Who Can Help You

This next type of person is someone who has been there, done that. This is someone who remembers when they were in your shoes, at the exact stage you’re in now, and has long since grown past it. They have the roadmap to the trip you’ve just started driving down.

The beauty of these types of connections is they can say, “I know where you're at. Here's what you need to do to grow quickly. Here's what you need to do to scale your business.” The insights and resources they can provide are invaluable.

These people can make connections for you, give you guidance, give you strategy, be a mentor or coach, and may even be someone whose services you end up paying for. It’s also always amazing when this relationship turns into a joint referral source, where you have complementary businesses and can send each other leads.

Though it’s important to understand, these people can be tricky to come into contact with on your own. A multiple seven figure business owner may not be too keen to just meet up with a newbie if you simply reach out to them via a cold call. This is where the power of networking groups comes into play.

>> In case you missed it, I recommend you go back and check out Episode 70, “The Powerful Growth Strategy Most Business Owners Avoid.

By participating in strategic, intentional networking groups like CEO Club, you can find yourself in the company of people at all different stages of entrepreneurship. Being in the same group will make it far more likely that you have the opportunity to strike up a connection with this type of person who can help you.


Type 3: The Best Connector in the Room

This type of person is a term you may not have heard of. I may have even made it up. But this person is all about making connections - and there’s at least one in every group.

These are people who are constantly making connections for other people in all areas of their lives. And you need to find this person.

How do you do that? It's simple. Once you’ve established yourself in a group (this means you’ve shown up authentically as a “giver” - more on that in a minute!), just ask, “Who’s the best connector you know?”

More often than not, if you have something in common with that major connector, or have a reason to be put in touch with them, the person you're speaking to is going to be excited to connect you with them. Here’s a secret: everyone loves being able to connect the connector. It’s a win-win all around!


Friendly Reminder: What You Give Around Comes Around

Now, something that’s important to note is that in any of the scenarios above, I am by no means implying that you show up in a networking group with the intention of being a taker, hoping to gain all the free advice and connections on the planet.

Meaningful connections are formed from a place of authenticity and generosity. I’d like to encourage you to participate in networking with a giver’s mindset. Give without expectation. That means sharing insights, advice, and connections simply to HELP. You don’t help with a “by the way, buy my services…” addendum.

Show up and be curious, be genuine, be authentic, be yourself, and ask questions to connect.

Giving is about figuring out what kind of help people need and showing up in the ways you can best serve them - that includes thinking of ways you can connect them with others who can help them. What you give around comes around!


Looking for a place to intentionally network?

If you're a service provider and you're not networking, you are seriously missing out on abundance, money, and lifelong connections that not only lead to business, but also to friendship.

How many connections do you have where you can reach out years later after being out of touch and have a meaningful conversation? These are not the connections you make just anywhere - these come through intentional networking that you cultivate and grow with your authentic participation.

If you need a formal place to network and make connections in order to grow your business in the quickest way possible, I’d like to invite you to head on over to CEO Club and click on that APPLY button because I would love to meet you, connect, and see you inside!

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