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What to Do When Your High Vibe is Under Attack sales tips

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like the Universe keeps hitting you with problem after problem, threatening to suck away your high vibe? I recently experienced one myself and it got me thinking about the choices we’re faced with when it feels like our vibe is under attack....

How Your Beliefs Impact Your Sales business sales tips

Whenever you step into a sales-related interaction with a client, you’re bringing more to the table besides just your offer. Our experiences in life shape us into who we are, forming beliefs that we not only carry into our interactions with others, but also transfer onto them, most often...

How You Got Here Is Not How You’re Going To Get There tips

I’m coming off three incredible days of hosting my mastermind retreat weekend in Sedona. The time we spent together will help the women who attended experience quantum leaps in their lives and businesses, and I’d like to share some important takeaways that can help you do the same.



Meet your Author

I'm Jen Gitomer, and I'm obsessed with helping service professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs like you make more money.

After selling millions of dollars throughout my 15+ year career in sales and growing 3 businesses, I know exactly what it takes to grow your business from just barely surviving to thriving. But it wasn’t always easy. There I was, on the ground, consciously aware that I had just blacked out. From the outside, it looked like I had built a successful career, but on the inside, I was no longer living - I was existing. My financial success was dependent on me working 100 hours/week and my mind, body, and spirit couldn’t take it anymore. Waking up to the reality I realized that something needed to change.

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