Are you ready to Embark on a year of transformation that will fast track both your personal and business growth?





This year-long mastermind is designed intentionally for successful female entrepreneurs looking to bring their impact and income up to the next level. What will it mean to you to create a multiple 6 figure....heck, 7 figure business? Here you will find the dedicated support, expert insights, and synergistic camaraderie you need to accelerate your growth.

Hell yeah, I wanna apply!

This Mastermind will be the driving force behind your massive success in 2022.

Whether your Big Goal for next year is to hit a million dollars, to finally launch that high ticket offer you've been dreaming about, or to get comfortable dreaming bigger, I'm here to assure you:

It is all possible. You just need the right reinforcements to get you there.

I founded my business in 2013 and went at it alone for years. However, joining a mastermind was the game changer I didn't even know I needed until I saw the astonishing gains to my confidence, clarity, AND my bank account.

That is exactly why I created this group - to help women leaders just like you realize the fundamental shifts that can take place when you have a coach and group of peers who uniquely understand your goals + challenges in ways no one else in your life can - and have the expertise to help you crush them.

Here's the reality.

Despite what you might think, most of the women who come to me for coaching are not failing! They are, by all outward appearances, incredibly successful in their businesses. But the problem is, they don't always feel that way. And with no one else to turn to in their lives who genuinely "get it," entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road indeed.

Perhaps you can relate to some of these feelings:

  • You have a GREAT business idea and way to help others, but struggle to sell it
  • You try to do ALL THE THINGS yourself and then wonder why you feel burnt out
  • You crave someone else you could share the inner details about your biz with
  • You wish you could access coaching when you need it and get unstuck FAST


This is EXACTLY why this mastermind is extremely effective. Not only do you gain access to a coach whose literal profession it is to break through these types of business obstacles, you also become a part of a community of women who truly know what it's like to walk in your shoes.

You don't have to go at it alone. In fact, you're holding back your own growth by attempting to do so.

"Whatever button Jen has on her website to start working with that button."

Jen is the best sales coach you will ever meet in your life...I'm not just talking about her great witty personality, her enthusiasm, her yes attitude, I'm talking about the results that Jen gets. In the first 3 months we were able to increase our service prices 70% and we were closing 3x more business than we were prior to working with Jen. Jen is gonna teach you everything you need to know about sales.

- J.C

When you join the Breakthrough Babe Mastermind, you will...


Embark on a year of transformation that will fast track both your personal and business growth.


Experience the ripple effects that will trickle throughout every aspect of your life will be nothing short of miraculous.


I watched this happen with my own eyes in our group in 2021, and cannot wait to see the magic
that transpires in the coming year. The energy in this group is on fire!

2022 is YOUR YEAR to finally manifest the sustainable, thriving business
you always dreamed of running (while having a lot more fun along the way!)

Imagine what it's like to:

  • Solve the exact problem you've been struggling with for months (or hell, years) in just 24 hours. Jen's personalized coaching (available as needed!) will help you break through your obstacles.
  • Be a valued member a trustworthy sisterhood. This group is comprised of motivated business leaders like yourself who genuinely care about you and the challenges you face, and are as dedicated to your success as they are their own.
  • Connect in-person (gasp, YES! in-person) again! We will have two 2-day events with guest experts that will catapult your growth and provide a level of connection you've yet to experience in the entrepreneurship sphere.
  • Count on consistent, monthly group coaching to keep you on track. In these powerful calls, you get the help and insights you need from a variety of experienced perspectives.

Jen's style of teaching is so personable.

Aside from clearly being an expert in her field, Jen is wonderful and a pleasure to work with. She truly cares about her clients and helps in every way possible. I highly recommend Jen!

- Alexandra

This is for you if:

  • You're a high vibe entrepreneur with a positive, YES! Attitude
  • You're looking to grow to multiple 6-7 figures (hello, first million!) this year.
  • You're a high performing woman who thrives off of being surrounded by other high performing women.
  • You're tired of waiting to create connection and sisterhood someday - you're ready to stop missing out and commit to creating it right now.
  • You're looking for a supportive community that will help you streamline your business, talk through new ideas, and help you avoid mistakes others may have made.
  • You embrace spiritual and mindset-shifting strategies and know they are the foundation to your growth and success

This is NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for people to commiserate with; complaining and excuses are your jam.
  • You're still trying to figure out your expertise and haven't quite started your business yet.
  • You're the kinda person who already knows everything and isn't really sure what you have left to learn from others.
  • You're excited to tell people that you're in mastermind, but are not willing (or perhaps even have the time) to commit and collaborate.
  • You feel like anything related to shifting your mindset is way too woo-woo for you.
By applying Jen's strategies I convinced both clients to finally move forward with the orders and closed approximately $30,000 in business in 48 hours!
- Rachel C.

What Included:

A 12-month container with Jen Gitomer and fellow high-performing, high-vibe achievers

Two 3-day in-person mastermind events
(*travel not included in mastermind fee)

10 Group coaching Hot Seat calls led by Jen Gitomer, with dedicated "hot seat" time for each member)

10 Expert Calls led by a connection of Jen's bringing you the latest and greatest strategies.

Unlimited Access to Jen's best-selling courses and programs

An intimate online community forum with your fellow members - a safe space to stay connected in between calls and events.

Voxer Access & Year-long Coaching from Jen: Have an issue? A question? Feel stuck? Send Jen a message and she'll respond within 48 hours, if not sooner.

Hell yeah, I wanna apply!

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