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Each month you’ll have access to:

  • A 90-min LIVE member-only call with me (Jen Gitomer) 
  • My sales call checklist  ✔️
  • An exclusive Facebook community where you can meet other sales ninjas.
  • My sales magnet meditation (usually $27).

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Supercharged Sales School

The proven sales course that magnetizes your dream clients… so you can book-out your calendar without burnout. 


  • My 12x Sales Script... A step-by-step script that makes discovery calls FUN! [side effect: it gets you to ask for the price you really want, and hear YES! Without being ‘pushy’...]

  • Video Workshops... Access exclusive workshops by me (Jen Gitomer) that teach you how to attract, connect, engage, and SELL so that you can book-out your calendar and create that sought-after waitlist. 

  • Breakthrough Babe Affirmations... 52 affirmations that get you to unlock a new level of self-belief so that you can move towards an abundant self-fulfilling prophecy.  

  • The Dream Client Attraction Map... You don’t need a 10K Instagram following to be successful. Unlock my client attraction map that tells you exactly where to find clients where no-one else is looking. 

PLUS, for a limited amount of time, I'll teach you how to make…
(and see exactly how I convert Clubhouse conversations into sales!)



  • Anyone who thinks they need to have EVERYTHING in place (website, socials, a podcast 🤯) before feeling ready to find clients - trust me, I fell for this one too!
  • Anyone who feels like they need a ton of followers before they can grow their business
  • Anyone who hears crickets from sending out DM’s or gets ghosted after a sales call... 
  • Those who have a ‘plan’ for their sales calls but get completely thrown off and fear asking for the sale. 
  • Anyone who lacks confidence in their prices, or struggles to justify raising them.
  • People who compare themselves to other experts in their niche and wonder why someone would choose them.
  • Anyone who is trapped taking on nightmare clients just to pay the bills... 
  • People who feel STUCK in their business and have no way of moving forward or scaling to the next level. 
  • Anyone who knows they can make an impact in the world but have no (or not much) experience in selling...  

 If $27 could get you just ONE dream client, would you go for it?



The Supercharged Sales School is what I wish I had when I first started out in sales. In fact... I’ve closed millions of dollars of deals using the EXACT framework that I walk you through in this course. 

And that wasn’t from a cushy position in a proven business... but from ground zero, where I have built up multiple businesses and attracted dream clients using these tools, resources, and strategies.

Now, after spending years perfecting non-pushy sales tactics (and training directly under James Wedmore and Jeffrey Gitomer), I’m giving you my personal formula and breakthrough mindset hacks which are instantly accessible within Supercharged Sales School.

Let's be real. If you're not selling enough, you're not making enough...

Because at the end of the day… what does it really take to scale a business that supports your dreams? 

You got it - sales!


HEY THERE - I’m Jen Gitomer!

I’m obsessed with helping passionate entrepreneurs make more money in their businesses. After selling millions of dollars throughout my 15+ years career in sales, I know exactly what it takes to grow your business from “just barely surviving” to thriving.

The thing is... when I first transitioned into coaching, I wasted a lot of time on non-sales generating activities.

I spent $4K building a website, worked myself into the ground, and dug a Jen-sized money pit before I could really afford to. Yet, all I really needed to do was generate sales to be successful...

Once I focused on booking my calendar out, I closed high-ticket clients, made SO much impact, and went on to become a best-selling author with my book Sales In A New York Minute.

So, my only question is, are YOU ready to magnetize dream clients and scale your business with ease? 🧲

I thought so! Let’s do this! 


What My High-Level Coaching Students Say About This Exact Sales Framework ⬇️

“Jen's sales scripts have grown my business by 200%, even during the pandemic!”

Louise - Smart Virtual Staff

“ After 3 months of working with Jen Gitomer, we increased our service prices by 70% and were able to close 3x more business than ever before ”

J.C - Flight Club

“Jen has helped me to see the possibilities beyond my own fears and challenged me to step UP and serve my clients without reservation! ”

Terri - DogOn Connection