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Jennifer Gitomer with friends

"That one sentence changed my life."

That's what I heard 3 months after delivering a talk in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Funny enough, the life-changing comment was something I said on-the-spot in an unplanned moment. It's moments like these that make my seminars unique.

Most speakers provide their talk. I provide your talk - a talk that is customized and personalized for you and your audience.

"Jen's authentic, real-world talk inspired me to go back and change the way I make sales forever."

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Jen Gitomer is a Best-Selling Author, entrepreneur and international keynote speaker helping you create positivity, productivity and profitability in your business.

She has spoken to entrepreneurs and salespeople on stages across the world both in-person and virtually

Select speaking engagements include

"Jennifer not only changed my business,
she changed my life."

- Randy S.

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