Access the sales strategy, systems & sisterhood to scale to multiple 6 figures

while working less & playing more

How would it feel if you could ditch the lonely solopreneur vibes (looping decisions endlessly, blank staring into the fridge, barely acknowledging wins because you have no one to celebrate with, TLDR) -
- & actually have a Sisterhood of CEOs & the mentorship from a 7-Figure Coach, who accept you, support you, and are willing to journey with you down the rabbit holes of all of your “out there” ideas?

It would be ahhh-maz-ing, right??

Well, The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind is THE mastermind that gives you *exactly* that!


Join a Sisterhood of CEOs who are manifesting profit and play

Let me guess. You’ve been growing your business, trying new strategies, showing up consistently, sending out thoughtfully crafted proposals, doing ALL of the things, — but month after month, unable to break the 10k+ month plateau for good…

And you’re wondering *how* are these other well-known entrepreneurs consistently leveling up their monthly revenue??

You’re like, “Uh… what am I missing??? ”

There has to be another way.

If you're a coach or service based entrepreneur, you already experienced this hard-earned truth: working more, or working harder, does NOT mean greater success.

In fact, believing you always have to “work harder” to achieve or deserve success, often leads to resenting your business because you realize that instead of building a life of freedom, you’ve created a 24/7 J.O.B.

And when you’ve grown your business this way for so long, you don’t even realize the subconscious resistance to growing to multiple 6 figures – where you equate more growth to putting in more hours.

(And a quick look in google calendar will show you, there are no hours left!)

So, since you already know this is the path to even more burnout – and ultimately wanting to burn your business to the ground –

Are you going to continue down that path alone or are you ready to get real results with a proven sales strategy, step-by-step systems & high-vibe sisterhood so that you can finally scale to multiple 6 figures.

📢 CALLING ALL Coaches, course creators or service-based entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a high vibe and a positive, YES! attitude.
  • Embrace spiritual mindset-shifting strategies, and know they are the foundation to your growth and success.
  • Crave high-touch, world-class coaching to streamline your business, talk through new ideas, and help you avoid mistakes
  • Are tired of waiting to create connection and sisterhood someday - you’re ready to stop missing out and commit to creating it right now.
  • Have a desire to grow to multiple 6 or even 7 figures (hello, first million!) this year.

ATTENTION: know-it-alls, drama queens, complainers, and anti-woo peeps need not apply.


"Whatever button Jen has on her website to start working with that button."

Jen is the best sales coach you will ever meet in your life...I'm not just talking about her great witty personality, her enthusiasm, her yes attitude, I'm talking about the results that Jen gets. In the first 3 months we were able to increase our service prices 70% and we were closing 3x more business than we were prior to working with Jen. Jen is gonna teach you everything you need to know about sales.


The Breakthrough Babe Mastermind


  • A 12-month experience with expert coach Jen Gitomer and fellow high-performing, high vibe achievers
  • Two x 3-day, in-person mastermind events
  • 2 group coaching calls per month led by Jen Gitomer, with dedicated "Hot Seat" time for each member
  • Unlimited access to all of Jen's best selling courses and programs
  • An intimate online forum with your fellow members, to be used as a safe space to stay connected in between calls and events.
  • Voxer access & year-long personalized coaching with Jen. Have an issue? A Question? Feel Stuck? Send Jen a message and she'll respond within 48 hours. If you need to hop on a zoom call, she will set one up.

Imagine what it’s like to…

  • Finally have a sales system in place thats generating consistent revenue even if you've tried “everything” but couldn't quite get it to scale.
  • Feel like you have a coach in your pocket that you can message whenever you need help to solve the exact problem you’ve been struggling with for months (or hell, years) in just 48 hours.
  • Have a group of women who are there to hold space on the days you need a good cry, and celebrate with you so that you can fully step into that abundant receiving energy.
  • Grow and scale your business with time freedom to do what you want in your life.

"Our monthly revenue has increased by almost 50% on a consistent basis."

And I developed and sold our first $8k VIP day in about a month of developing it.

- Meg Seitz

"Being with like-minded, amazing, energetic, smart people will change your life."

That’s exactly what the Mastermind does. I am happier and success is coming easier.

- Kellen Fisher


Hey! I’m Jen Gitomer.

Even though today I am known by many as a best-selling author, mindset mentor and sales expert, when I founded my business in 2013, I quickly scaled my business to six-figures and just as quickly, was ready to burn my business to the ground. I invested in DIY courses and high-end group coaching programs, which gave me tons of one-size-fits-all strategies to try… which led to even more work and time wasted testing things that could work.

However, joining a mastermind was the game changer because it provided me with personalized strategies, support and coaching feedback… because sometimes you just need someone to go through your sales page with you line or review process to determine why your getting ghosted. Down to the order of the questions you have on your client discovery form.

That is exactly why I created this group

to help women entrepreneurs just like you realize the fundamental shifts that can take place when you have a coach and group of peers who uniquely understand your goals + challenges in ways no one else in your life can - and have the expertise to help you crush them.

Because of the customized nature of this program, this is an immersive experience, year long commitment with a through application process to ensure we are an aligned fit .

"Working with Jen has completely helped transform the sales process."

My business and I saw immediate results, within the first 24 hours, not even kidding, and have already met and exceeded my sales goal for the year (months early).

- Stephanie Riel

"If you want to increase your sales, you have to join this."

It’s my secret to growing my company 200% since 2019!

- Louise Sandoval

Lets do this!